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Saturday, May 9, 2015


from Pearl and Other Poems

me: Sometimes, when I wake up
in the night, I text myself poems
instead of going back to sleep.

Sent 5:49 AM on Thursday

me: I am lying in bed
and the birds are starting to sing.
My wife does not want me
to read her my poem
because she is asleep.
All the lights are out. I do not
understand why I am awake,
when the only light
is this thin soup trickling
through the blinds
and the birdsong
and this total meal of light
from the phone in front of my face
and the repeated icon
of my face beside each text

Sent at 5:58 AM on Thursday

me: Someone I don’t know
a hallway of homogeneous doors
of my repeated face

Sent at 6:00 AM on Thursday

me: I want to feel an emotion
I’m trying to decide which one:
Lying here next to you.
Nothing seems quite right

Sent at 6:05 AM on Thursday

me: I will feel “push my face
into my pillow a little bit.”
My knee pops and my body
feels mildly feverish
like there is a thin layer 
of gingivitis running beneath
my skin.

Sent at 6:07 AM on Thursday

me: My body is bright and sore
My eyes are burning
and I am happy as I stumble
around the kitchen, fumbling
with stuff, not seeing a thing.

Sent at 6:27 AM on Thursday

me: There is a sore sense of
newness in my teeth
A cavity of something
brightly new

Sent at 6:29 AM on Thursday

me: I sit down Indian-style
on the kitchen floor
to contemplate this newness

Sent at 6:30 AM on Thursday

me: There is no clangor at all
in the world, except—
a little bell is ringing

Sent at 6:36 AM on Thursday

(c) 2014 lee sharks

from Pearl and Other Poems: