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Monday, May 11, 2015


from Human Testament, ms being prepared for New Human Press

     "The angel Gamaliel instructs Jack Feist"

The angel Gamaliel said to me, "Repeat!" 
I said, "But I have something new to say!" 
so he drew me close, and whelmed me,
so that I could not breathe, 
and released me, gasping,
and commanded me, "Repeat!" 
and again I cried, "I have something new to say!" 
and again he drew me close, 
and again he whelmed me,
and again released me, gasping,
and for a third and final time commanded me: "Repeat!"

And so I did repeat, and say what had been said
with the words it had been said with
and the same was new and lovely
and the same was ancient and new:
the world in its image. 

(c) 2015 an imaginary air freshener