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Monday, April 27, 2015

Call for submissions



literature for cyborg messiahs

image (c) 2014 Henry Bogle

Call for submissions

Preparing first issue of A/I, a new literary magazine. 

Publication policy = anonymous / pseudonymous
Issue theme = broadly apocalyptic / visionary

We are interested in daring new prose, critical writing, poetry & poetics, visual art, mixed media, translation, and hybrid genre.

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image (c) 2015 henry bogle

My Little Poemy

(c) 4216 alka-seltzer AD, a person with 13 shirts

Friday, April 24, 2015

An Elegy for Howl

from Pearl and Other Poems

When the last forgotten recess
of your ultimate weary drawer of dust
coughed out the yellow petal
of its one remaining folded rose
and the sheet of blood-smeared paper
smeared with poems like ink
at last gave up its ghost:

I saw nothing.
There was nothing to see.

The best minds of my generation expired while little more than seeds.

You did not see.
You were not seen.
Poker-faced hysteria starved in silence
and exhausted itself in lame dysfunction
to be pinned insensate to a cluster of symptoms
as a matter of course
by moth-dust fingers of DSM lepidopterists
in formaldehyde rooms of science:

I heard nothing.
There was nothing to hear.

The eli eli lamma lamma sabachthani cry was drowned in words.

You did not hear.
You were not heard.

Jaded sincerity choked on its tongue
and shook with neural crescendo of seizure
in pig s**t halls of knowledge.
There was no mouth to take the sigh
and the final rattle passed

(c) 2014 lee sharks

from Pearl and Other Poems: